Success Stories

Success story by Anish D.

What can I say about Judy! I started training back in October with her to focus on weight loss and help train for an upcoming marathon.

Judy sat down with me and help come up with a distinct diet and training plan and then went to work with me. I always had a love hate relationship with our workouts (half squats with bands are the devil). I loved how every day I knew my trainings would bring me close to my goal but also hated that
I couldn't walk the next day because I was pushed to the limit . I was able to see immediate results. I lost 10 lbs in a month and started to go faster and longer in my runs. Since starting my training with Judy I have been able to increase my running distance from 10 miles to 23 miles while getting faster by 2 minutes per mile. Furthermore, personally, Judy is a patient and great instructor focusing on making sure you are working
hard and working right. Please do not hesitate to book her!

Thank you for putting me on the right path and helping me move closer to my goal!


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I came across Accessible Fitness last year thanks to Yelp. I was looking for a personal trainer to get fit just before my wedding and only had a short duration for the same.
Judy is an excellent trainer - she spent the first session discussing my goals,  my availability and her availability. I particularly liked how she then went on to make them her own goals,  thereby forming a great trainer - student bond with me. She constantly assessed my abilities and  gave me workouts that I was able to do without over straining myself. In the past, trying to do workouts that left me exhausted, was a big demotivator and  had me quitting the gym in a few days. But with Judy's help, I was able to enjoy working out and was highly motivated to workout even twice a day while enjoying it.
Judy also focused on my diet and kept in touch via messages every day.  This helped me not give up on diet even during times I was tempted to. Thanks to Judy's guidance, I was able to lose weight consistently ( about 28 lbs), and comfortably.  In addition to that, my body fat % also went down.  I learned what to measure and what foods are good for health. Her constant communication and commitment to helping me reach my goals on time making her one of the best trainers in the bay area. I highly recommend Judy for personal training.
I plan to get back to training with Judy after my wedding now and looking forward to my pending sessions with her.