Personal Training

Personal training at Accessible Fitness means that you will be exercising one-on-one with your own experienced personal trainer right beside you to guide and assist you with your fitness program. Your trainer will help you stay committed to reaching your goals.

Our personal trainers can design a fitness program for you that will make you look and feel better about yourself. You won’t find a more welcoming place for a workout.

With our personal trainers and your effort, you can achieve your fitness goals. Our personal trainers will create a diet and exercise program specific to your needs. If followed, our program will produce results. All of our trainers are professionally certified and bring with them a wide range of experience including experience in areas such as weight loss, rehabilitation, bio-mechanics, injury prevention and nutrition.

Each session is constructed by the trainer to correspond with your goals, needs and physical strengths or challenges. Our trainer will help keep you focused, motivated and dedicated to reaching your fitness goals.