Client Body Transformations

Here Are “Before” & “After” Pictures Of Some Recent Clients.
Their Body Transformations Are The Result Of Our Training, Exercise And Nutritional Guidance, As Well As Their Hard Work.
See What Is Possible!!

Paul’s Body Transformation.

Paul transformed his physique in just four months, with exercise and proper diet.

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John’s 5 month transformation

Judy’s Body Transformation

Judy worked out to regain her figure after Tyler was born.

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Nitish’s Body Transformation

I remember asking Paul on the phone if there is a criterion of people coming that start personal training. I don't think I was in any worse shape before, a 120 pounds overweight with alarmingly high body fat percentage. He assured me that it wont matter and after about 3 months of procrastination I finally took the complimentary session.

I was ashamed of walking into any gym before I started training here. 10 minutes into the first session and all that was gone as they eased me into the workout sessions slowly increasing the intensity and it sort of became a routine, finally one that I was proud of. Judy and Paul checked up regularly on me and going to the gym was no longer a dreaded task. This had been my problem for more than 4 years, the thought of going to a gym was enough to ruin my day but Accessible Fitness changed all that for good.

I still have a lt of ground to cover and I am sure I'll get there in addition to Judy and Paul's constant motivation.

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Nitish lost 80 lbs in 6 months.

Tyler’s Body Transformation

One day my son Tyler said Dad I would like to do a body transformation too like all of your clients.
Below are his 4 month transformation pictures.

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Michelle’s Body Transformation

I never dreamed I could have the body I wanted until I met Paul & Judy! Their training program easily fits into my busy lifestyle and their eating suggestions are manageable and make sense. I have lost 13 lbs. and 12% body fat in just 3 months! Paul & Judy, I can’t thank you enough for your constant support and for developing and sharing this incredible program!

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Bill’s Body Transformation

Accessible Fitness saved my life.
I am a 58 yrs old man. In August of 2010 I was at the end of my rope. My health was bad and I was massively overweight with high blood pressure and type II diabetes. I knew it was change or die.
That’s when I made a call to Accessible Fitness.
Once there, I met with the owner Paul, who match me up with one of their highly skilled personal trainers.
I started out training 4 days a week per week and following accessible diet guidelines. over the next few months I lost over 30 pound,lowered my blood pressure and brought my blood sugar to normal range. now my overall health is excellent and my body fat is down from 31 % to 16%. I know I’ll never be 25 again but I’m in great shape for 58

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Christian’s Body Transformation

On Paul’s fitness and diet program, I went from 180 pounds to 154 pounds over a period of seven months. I did this even while gaining several pounds of muscle, going from 20% body fat to 8.2% body fat. I have more strength now than I did when I was in high school and college. Paul is supportive and helpful, and I always look forward to my workouts with him. I’ve gotten far better results working with Paul than I ever did on my own.

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Christian’s 4 month transformation

Ron’s Body Transformation

Paul is simply phenomenal at what he does! I am seeing results big time! It’s been only 2 months and inches are being lost.
I constantly buy new clothes because my old ones are just way too baggy.
Paul has been amazing. He has helped me understand what fitness is all about, what to eat and what not to eat. Since having one-on-one sessions with him, I have lost 26 lbs. If you choose to start working out with him, be prepared…your life will not be the same. His positivity, passion and knowledge for what he does will affect you. If you put in the work, he will show you how to push yourself to new limits.

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Alex’s Body Transformation:

Pictures were taken after 10 trauning sessions and following the suggested diet

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Jon’s Body Transformation

I was in terrible shape. Actually, I was in about the worst shape of my life. Paul helped educate me about my nutrition. I had lost a little bit of weight on my own before coming to Paul, but he taught me that everything you consume counts whether it be salad dressing or bbq sauce on the chicken breast that you thought was good for you. Once I was able to completely clean up my diet, I saw dramatic improvement. As a former athlete, I was used to vigorous exercise and strength training. Paul excels at pushing you to your max and getting

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